{Recliner Makeover}

{Hydrangea Wreath}

hydrangea wreath

 This is the wreath I made for my mom for Mother’s Day.  She loves the color purple and hydrangeas so I thought this would be perfect.  I was in such a hurry to put this together (we went out of town this weekend) that I forgot to take pictures while I was putting it together!  But here’s how I did it…

I bought a 12 inch chipboard wreath form from Hobby Lobby 1/2 off for only $2.  I love the BIG hydrangeas and got these at Michaels (also 1/2 off – about $4 a piece).  I cut the flowers off of the stems and there was still bit of stem left…so I decided instead of hot gluing them I would drill holes through the form to stick them in and then also hot glued inside the hole to hold them in place.  Then I hot glued some of the leaves between the hydrangeas.  To top it off I just bought some matching purple ribbon to hang it with.  Simple and beautiful 🙂


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{DIY Table Makeover}

table makeover 1
Picked up this table at a local store called Unique to Chic (Check them out here)
This table looked pretty good except for the top.  So I gave it a little TLC and it was a quick fix!
First, I sanded off all the scratchestable makeover 2Second, I applied my paint (Valspar Distant Valley…a light shade of aqua but the color hasn’t dried yet in these pictures so it looks lighter)
table makeover 3Third, wait for your paint to dry then get some sand paper and start distressing (my favorite part!)  There’s really no way to mess it up…
table makeover 4 Step 4 – I brushed on some Minwax water-based polycrylic to seal it and then let it drytable makeover 5
Easy Peasy.  This project was simple and quick!table makeover 6 table makeover 7
table makeover 8


{DIY Ruffle Bottomed Curtains}

So I bought these curtains from Target for my daughter’s room a couple months ago and I just haven’t been happy with how they looked.  They were 84 long and with my 8 ft ceilings it just didn’t look right.  They were too short and looked too heavy.  So I decided to add some length and lightness to them by adding a ruffle to the bottom kamrywindowbefore

Here’s the step by step instructions you can use on any curtains to get the same look:
I bought 4 yards of fabric or 2 yards for each panel. I cut them to be 72×32 each (It’s funny how weird the color looks in this picture…but they are navy).  Each of her curtain panels were 54 in wide, so with 2 yards of fabric (72 in) that gave me a little extra fabric to play with to make the ruffle.kwindowstrips
So if you haven’t ever sewn a ruffle before, here’s what you do…
First, you want to start with a really loose stitch.  To hold the stitch in place I did a small backstitch to start with at a #2 setting.  Then I switched it to a #4 setting for the rest of the row.  *Keep in mind that I have about a 15 year old sewing machine, so those of you who are lucky enough to have new fancy machines might have different settings for thiskwindowsewingmachine
I did 2 rows of stitches all along the top of the width of the fabric.  I did 2 rows because it makes it easier to pull your thread through to make the ruffle.  The first one I did at 1/2 inch and the next one at 3/4 inch.  And to make this an even more simple project, I just used the selvaged edge that was already on the bottom of the fabric instead of hemming it (but you can if you want)
Here’s what it looked like once I had the 2 rows of stitches sewn.  Important: make sure to knot the ends of the thread when you get to the end of your rows.  This will make sure the thread stays in place when you’re pulling on it to make your ruffle.kwindowruffle1
The next part is the trickiest and I actually broke my thread the first time I had to pick it out and start all over (ugh).  So be careful!  You will have 2 tails of thread on the top of the fabric and 2 on the bottom.  Only pull the top 2 tails of thread while you push the fabric back to make it bunch up.  If you pull the thread on the bottom at the same time then your thread will lock up and you will not be able to pull it through.kwindowruffles2
Once I had the fabric bunched in the way I wanted (with an extra inch on each side) I was ready to attach my ruffle to the panel.
First I measured down 64 inches on my panel (you can place your ruffle wherever you like but a good rule of thumb is about the bottom 3rd of the panel.  I wanted my curtains to be 96 inches long so they would be floor to ceiling)  I marked it with a pin on each side and then I folded it along that line and ironed it so I had a line going across to know where to start the ruffle.kwindowmeasurement
Pin your ruffle to your curtain panel with right sides together.  That way after you’ve sewed it on, you flip it back over and have a hidden seam.
I placed my pins about 2 inches apart all the way down the width of my panel leaving about a 1 in of fabric on each side which you will use to fold over and make a side hem.kwindowruffles3
I flipped the panel around and sewed the side of the fabric to the back of the panelkwindowruffle4
This next part was a little more difficult… I decided to keep my panel flipped over with my ruffle underneath while I sewed.  I did this because then I could see the line that I had ironed into the fabric and could sew a straight line.  It was tricky though because I had to keep checking the ruffle underneath to make sure that it didn’t move out of place or bunch up.
After I had the ruffle attached, I needed to sew the sides of the fabric to the panel (oops…forgot to get a picture of this part) so I just sewed straight down the side.kwindowruffle5
And here’s what the finished product looks like up close!kamrywindow2
Now it looks like I have completely custom curtains when all I really did was add a little extra fabric 🙂 kamrywindow1

{spring mantle}

Spring has always been my favorite time of year!  Everything seems so fresh and new.  All the flowers start to come out and there’s color and beauty everywhere.  So what better way to celebrate spring than with a mantle to showcase it?

Recently I discovered a store called Passport Furnishings in St. George.  I was in love with this place the second I walked in…tons of cute home decor and furniture at great prices.  I got this lovely birdcage, cool distressed clock and bird tin.  If you live in Southern Utah you have to check this place out!
mantleI started by creating varying heights, textures and colors.  The height came from my candlesticks and picture frame.  I added texture with soft flowers, wood, metal, fabric and paper.  Then I used my favorite shades of spring to brighten it all up: light aqua, yellow, coral, pink and some touches of grey and white.
To add that little touch of whimsy I made this spring banner.  I found papers in different patterns and colors and used them to make the backgrounds and letters.  I used my Cricut machine to cut the letters out.  Then I glued my paper onto a rectangle of tea-dyed muslin and added a small flower to each pendant with a pearl brad center.  To hang them up I just used these cute little clothespins and attached them to some twine that I tied to my frame.  Super easy!
I really love how it all turned out!  It’s the main focal point of our family room and it brings that feeling of spring into our home.  Enjoy!mantlefullshot1

{DIY Message Board}

DIYMessageBoardThis is one of my favorite DIY projects ever!  I made this with my 13 year old daughter Kamry for her bedroom.  It was so fun to do together and was super easy!

We started off by getting a plain old cork board (24×36), some upholstery nails and some fabric.  You will also need a staple gun, duct tape and a picture hanger.
First, cut your fabric to be about 2 inches larger all around (26×38).  If you have fabric wider than 38″ (and most of the time it is) then you can get away with less than a yard of fabric to make this.  I let Kamry pick out her fabric and she chose this coral colored scallop print (good choice)
I started off by tacking down the corners to make sure that the fabric was taut.  Then you just start pushing in your nail head trim (the fun part!)  It didn’t take long to figure out the best way to make it work.  You just want to push them in so they lay right next to the edge of the frame and try to get them in as straight of a line as possible.  Kamry had a lot of fun helping me with this part.
This size of cork board took about 9 packages of upholstery nails (30 in a package).  That’s where I miscalculated.  I bought 8 packages and you can see that I was barely short….  So I had to go back and buy one more package (learn from my mistake!)
(Here’s the part I forgot to get a picture of…) I folded the extra fabric around to the back and used my staple gun to hold it in place.  You will find that after you’ve done all of this that your upholstery nails will be sticking through the back so I just applied some duct tape over them.  Then you just hammer your picture hanger onto the back and it’s ready to hang!
Ta-Da!  Now Kamry has an adorable new message board she can hang all of her pictures on (I must admit- these are not her pictures…I didn’t think One Direction pictures would do this justice)

So much better than a boring old cork board

{DIY With Metallics}

Metallics Collage

Metallics accents are all the rage right now in home decor and creating your own blinged out treasure is easier than you might think!


This is your secret weapon ~ Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint.  It comes in 6 shimmering shades (gold being my personal fav)

This stuff is amazing… You can turn anything old, ugly and drab into something new, shiny and fab!  Here are some super chic DIY projects you can make yourself

Use painter’s tape‬ to create this ‪DIY‬ linear gold pattern on any furniture

(Photo credit by Better After)

Jazz up an old ornate frame to make a gorgeous gilded chalkboard

(Photo credit by Miss Mustard Seed)

Who doesn’t have a boring old box?  Upcycle it with some paint and fabric and you’ve got a lovely little container

(Photo credit by Homey Oh My!)

I love this vase!  Just tape off your stripes to create a beautiful centerpiece

(Photo credit by Skip To My Lou)

And this chevron tray would be a great addition to any room!

(Photo credit by Lovely Scrolling)

The sky is the limit with all the things you can do with this stuff.  I think I might just go a little metallic spray paint crazy!

{Color Combination}

master-roomshot copy

In our Master Bedroom my goal was to make a tranquil retreat with a good balance between masculine and feminine touches. Grey is definitely the dominating color with yellow & aqua adding those little pops of color.

When we designed our house I knew I wanted to have tall windows on either side of the bed.  I love the dramatic look it gives and how it frames the bed to help make it the focal point of the room.  The chevron print curtains are from GroopDealz.  My favorite thing in our room is the photo canvas above the bed. The size is 30×30 and I had it made from Costco.  I love how it brings out all the colors in the room and how it displays “us”.


The pallet sign was a really fun project to make and was pretty easy to do. All you need is an old pallet, a nail gun and some paint to make something unique and beautiful for your home


One of my lucky finds recently was this vintage looking suitcase I found from a local store called Tai Pan Trading. I’ve searched and searched for a suitcase like this and when I found this one in aqua, I knew I had to get it!  I used it to help display my temple print which proudly displays my faith (visit lds.org to learn more)


The pillows were a fun way to add some different textures, patterns and colors to the room. I got them all from Target. Bedding is “Ruffled Circles Quilt” from West Elm.


Hope you enjoyed this tour of my Master Bedroom.  Please stop by again 🙂


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