{gluten-free} *UPDATE*

Ok… so I have had a lot of questions lately about the first post I did on going gluten-free.  “Why did you decide to do it?”  “How hard is it?”   “What do you eat?”  “Is it worth it?”  “Do you feel better?”  “Do you think I could do it?”  So I decided that I would give you all a little update on how it’s going and answer some of your questions

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{Recipe Review} Grilled Caprese Chicken

How to create a {family command center}

Command Center Main

So this has been a project that has been on my to-do list for a long time and I’m so glad that I finally got to it!  When we built our home and moved in almost a year ago there was this corner area off the kitchen that just needed something.  I have always wanted a desk area near my kitchen so my family could be on the computer or doing homework and we could all be by each other.  It’s turned out to be a great space that I love!  We had white shaker style cabinets in our kitchen so I had the desk installed using the same cabinetry.  So far it’s just kind of been sitting here without anything going on so I FINALLY got it all put together!  It looks great and is so functional for our family!

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{DIY gold banded vase}

If you love the gold trend that’s happening right now and want an easy DIY project to add some bling to your home, then have I got the project for you!  (It really is the easiest project EVER)

All you need is a vase (I used a glass milk bottle), some scissors, Mod Podge and some gold paper (I found mine at Michaels for $1.99)goldvase1
I cut a 2 inch strip out of my gold paper.  I love the diamond pattern and how the light catches it at different anglesgoldvase2
Wrap your strip of paper around your vase to see how wide you need to make it.  Then just mark and cut.goldvase3
The last step is applying a thin layer of Mod Podge on the back of your strip making sure to cover the entire area so there aren’t any gaps or bubbles when you apply it. goldvase4
And that’s all there is to it!  I love the little bit of sparkle and shine that it adds 🙂goldvase5

{What’s for dinner?}

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken Review


“What’s for dinner?”  It’s the dreaded question I hear everyday….  As a working mom I need to make sure that I plan ahead for dinner or else I get home and I’m tired and don’t feel like making anything.  Which is exactly why I LOVE any slow cooker recipes.  I can throw them in my crock pot in the morning and come home to my home smelling wonderful and dinner DONE.  I love to try out new recipes on Pinterest and if I try one that I love then I will share it with all of you!  This one is definitely share-worthy:

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken


It’s savory and a little sweet with amazing Asian flavor!

My family rated it, 8,8,8,9  (that’s pretty good for my picky eaters!)

If you want to try this recipe just click on the link here to see this on the Just A Taste website

(To make this recipe more gluten-free friendly I used Tamari instead of soy sauce)


{DIY Jewelry Organizer}

So I’m a little embarrassed by this……. We moved into our new house last July and this is how I’ve been storing all of my necklaces- in this lovely plastic storage bin!  Yeah…not so great.
As you can imagine…I had quite the mess of knotted-up necklaces.  It has been driving me CRAZY and so I finally decided to do something about it.
I have A LOT of necklaces and so I was having a hard time figuring out how I was going to organize all of them (I had over 80 necklaces and decided I probably needed to get rid of some – like 30!)

So one day I came across a box of cup hooks that I had laying around and a little light bulb went off in my head.  It was the perfect solution!  Now this project is super-duper cheap (my kind of project)  I think the cup hooks cost between $1-$2.  Then I got a 1×4 from the hardware store, used some silver spray paint I already had, some wrapping paper I already had and some Mod Podge to apply it.  So it literally cost me less than $10 for this project.
First I started by cutting my 1×4 to the size I wanted (which turned out to be 21 inches)  jewelry4
Then I gave it a coat of some nice shiny silver paint to match the silver chevron wrapping paper I used.  jewelry5
After it was dry I traced my board onto the back of the wrapping paper to cut out a piece to mod podge onto the front of it.jewelry6
Apply your mod podgejewelry8
And adhere your wrapping paper to it.  Seriously, so easy.  Now you can use whatever kind of paper you want to but I chose wrapping paper because it comes in longer sheets and I liked the sheen it had.  And I chose this chevron pattern for a reason…jewelry9
It made it super easy to mark where I was going to put my cup hooks!jewelry10
To make this project a little easier on your fingers I would definitely pre-drill your holes before you twist your cup hooks into the wood.  I chose a drill bit that was just smaller than my cup hooks (sorry I’m not sure exactly what size).  Then you just twist your cup hooks in (warning: this will hurt your fingers so maybe wear some gloves for this part!)jewelry11
Here’s what it looked like once I had inserted all of my cup hooksjewelry12 jewelry13 jewelry14
I nailed a picture hanger to the back and hung it on my wall and… VOILA!  Now I have a place to store all my necklaces!  I hope this can be a helpful project for all you DIYer’s out there who need something like this too!jewelry15 jewelry17 jewelry16

{Girl’s Day}

I just had to share some pics of my day with Kamry.  We had so much fun!  There’s nothing better than getting to spend one-on-one time with your kiddos.  She’s growing up so fast and so I have to treasure these moments!girlsday


15 {Fantastic} DIY Father’s Day Gifts!

With Father’s Day being only a month away                       (I know…crazy, right?)  I decided to put together 15     of my favorite DIY Father’s Day gift ideas.  Enjoy!

For the tech-savvy dad ~ (Photo Credit Charlotte’s Fancy)

For the dad with too many ties! ~ (Photo credit Poppies At Play)

For the dad who loves his snacks! ~ (Photo credit by Eighteen 25)

Father’s Day tie banner ~ (Photo credit by Amanda’s Parties To Go)

Cute way for little ones to show their love for daddy ~ (Photo credit by A Day in My Life)

For the dad with a major sweet tooth! ~ (Photo credit by Prepared Not Scared)
What dad wouldn’t love to order breakfast in bed? ~ (Photo credit by Seven Thirty Three)

For the totally awesome dad! ~ (Photo credit by Nothing But Country)

For the dad you love to pieces! ~ (Photo credit by Crafts Unleashed)
Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 4.45.29 PM

This daddy printable questionnaire is sure to be a
treasured keepsake that will get a few laughs too ~ (photo credit by Mama Miss)

Cute printables for dad to store his secret “stache” ~ (Photo credit by Popsicle Blog)

For the dad who’s always up for some yummy snacks! 
(Photo credit by Little Birdie Secrets)
DSC_0382 DSC_0380 DSC_0384

A meaningful printable to touch dad’s heart ~ (Photo credit by Shanty 2 Chic)


{Feeling Beachy}

Have you been to a Pottery Barn lately to see all of their new beachy decor?  Fun lanterns, shells, coral, starfish, sea glass..Ah…I love it all.  Perfect for summer.  But I’m noticing a trend here~I’ve also seen similar things in West Elm and Target.  Here’s a couple pages from the latest Pottery Barn catalogpotterybarnbeachy

And here’s a little catalog I got in the mail yesterday from Target.  Hmm…looks oddly familiar….targetbeachy

I love this beachy look and I’ve got a million ideas floating through my head for my next DIY project.  I know there’s a lot of these things that you could recreate for a fraction of the price…so I will keep you all posted!