Spring mantle with blooming letters

Spring Mantle

Spring is in the air and I definitely have caught spring fever!  This has always been my favorite season for lots of reasons, but mostly the flowers. I have been loving all of the blooming monograms out there and so I thought it would be fun to put my own spin on it and do an entire word. It’s an easy project and it was fairly cheap if you can find good deals.

floral letter materials

This is everything you will need.  I got the paper mache letters at JoAnn’s and the flowers from Michaels (50% off!)  Both of these stores always have coupons so if what you’re getting isn’t on sale you can still get a good deal.  Then you’re just going to need to use a box cutter, some spray paint, command strips and a hot glue gun (which I forgot to show…oops!)

paper mache letter cutting off top

Cutting off the top layer was pretty simple and actually once you started cutting you could just tear the rest off and it would tear right along the edge.

spray painted letters

After all the tops were cut off I spray painted the letters with my favorite color of spray paint – Valspar Color Radiance in Mirage (which is like a light aqua)

spray paing

Then I just pulled all the tops off of my flowers and hot glued them inside the letters.  You could also fill the letters with floral styrofoam but my letters weren’t very deep so I didn’t use it.

floral letters

Hang them up using the command strips and you’re done.  Super easy and so, so cute!

spring mantle 2016 side view

Happy Spring!!


One thought on “Spring mantle with blooming letters

  1. So so stinkin’ cute! I would probably do silver spray paint to look like galvanized metal and maybe burlap roses? Or wait no, moss!!

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