Project laundry room {update}

This weekend I got to spend some time at my grandparent’s cabin with the kiddos.  We had a BLAST but it did set me back a little bit on my laundry room projects.  Time to get back to work and show you what I’ve finished so far!

Remember those hangers that I gave you a sneak-peek of in my last post?  Well here’s how they turned out!

fabric covered hangers on knobs

These were so easy to make and I love that now I have some custom art for my wall! (see previous post here on how to make them)

Then for the really fun part!  I found these adorable knobs at Pier 1 and fell in love with them.  I thought they would be a perfect way to display the hangers on the wall.

decorative knobs

First, I had to cut a little off of the end of each screw on the knobs with bolt cutters because they were too long (actually my dad had to help me because I couldn’t do it!)

Then find a drill bit that is the same size as the screw and make your hole

drilling wall hole

Then hammer in a wall anchor. This is what you will use to screw your knob into and it will hold it securely in place (sorry for the awkward angle of this picture.  My daughter was my photographer)

wall anchor

Then just screw in your knob!  Wasn’t that easy?

screwing in knob

I loved seeing how it looked with all of them up on the wall together!

hangers close-up

laundry hangers & sorter

More laundry room projects are in the mix so check back soon!


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