{DIY} Indoor Shutters

DIY Indoor Shutters

I’m so excited to share this project with you all!  It was so easy to do and cost less than $20 to make!

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My laundry room is my next big makeover (lots of fun projects planned!)  The first thing to tackle was this window.  I have always loved the simple shape of these shutters and I thought wouldn’t it be fun to do them on the inside of this room?..  Why not?

All you need for this project is some 1×4 boards, paint, nails, some picture hangers and you’re set!

So I set off to the Home Depot to get my supplies.  I needed to have 6 boards cut to 3 ft. and then 4 boards cut to 12 in.  I found some pine 1×4’s that were only $4.38 for 8 ft.  I needed 3 of them to make all my cuts.  The best part- they did the cuts for me!  I heart Home Depot 🙂

I picked up the rest of my supplies and for less than $20 and I was on my way.

Having the cuts already done for me made it super easy.

shutter pieces

First, I laid out all my pieces and gave them a coat of spray paint.  One can was just barely enough to cover them all.

After they had dried I turned them over and set them up to be nailed together.

nailing shutters

I wanted to make them look a little more distressed so I got out my can of gel stain and rubbed it on.  You only need to apply a small amount to go a long way and then just make sure to rub it in fast before it dries.

staining shutters

I nailed the picture hangers onto the back and they were ready to hang!

shutter close-up

side shutter

I love the way these turned out and I’m excited to show you the rest of the projects I have planned for my laundry room, so make sure to check back!


16 thoughts on “{DIY} Indoor Shutters

  1. Which kind of picture hangers did you use? I didn’t see them in the pictures and was wondering because of the heaviness of the boards.

  2. I have to cover an opening in my bedroom..do you think I could use hinges so that I could open and close them?

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