Going gluten-free {update}

It’s now been over 3 months since I started a gluten-free diet and I’m still feeling great!  My energy levels are still way better than they used to be and I’ve lost 20 pounds 🙂  I should also add that I have also been exercising every day and also trying to cut out sugar.  I think all of these things combined are helping me to live a healthier life and I really just feel tons better.

But on another note, I wanted to share will all of you an experience I had the other day.  My husband and I had gone out to dinner with some friends to a hibachi restaurant.  I simply asked the waitress there what they had that was gluten-free.  She just looked at me and said “nothing” (which wasn’t true..they had chicken, steak, salmon, vegetables and rice.  Last time I checked these things were all gluten-free?) So I said “is that because you use soy sauce on everything?”  She just looked at me kind of puzzled.  I told her that soy sauce had gluten in it and her reply was “yeah, well I don’t know but I just know that all our food has gluten.  So many people are on this gluten-free “fad diet”  Ok….I was a little taken back by her reply.  I know that going gluten-free has become more popular lately and more people are trying it, but it was upsetting to me because I have legitimate health reasons (as do A LOT of people) for cutting gluten out of my diet.  I may not have Celiac and be gluten intolerant but gluten is an inflammatory to my body and definitely affects my body negatively.  I wanted to just unload on this teenage smart-aleck but I held my tongue and just tried to brush it off.  (I was so proud of myself)

Now this was only one bad experience that I’ve had while eating out but most of the time it’s no problem at all.  In fact, so many restaurants now offer gluten-free menu items and some even have separate gluten-free menus.  I’ve even had gluten-free pizza at two different places and it was so yummy!  It was so great to be able to eat one of my favorite foods again.

So many people don’t understand Hashimotos (and other auto-immune diseases) and how much gluten can affect our bodies.  I’ve even seen some comedians lately poking fun at people doing this diet.  Well, that’s why I am trying it for myself and seeing if it will really make a difference.  The proof is in the pudding.  There’s no denying that I feel a million times better so I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing.

I would love to hear if any of you are trying a gluten-free diet and if you have any tips (especially for eating-out), thoughts or even recipes to share!  It’s not an easy thing to do so I think that helping and supporting one another can help us all!


2 thoughts on “Going gluten-free {update}

  1. Hello, Markay! I love your blog! Great tips and very on trend. This post spoke to me especially because my mom has Hashimotos and I myself have Endometriosis. Both of these autoimmune diseases (as with all autoimmune diseases) are daily struggles, and what works for some doesn’t for others… which is why it is SO important to experiment with eliminatin “toxins” in our diets.

    I personally was told to go gluten free way back in 2004, when I was just 14 years old! Back then everything GF tasted like cardboard, and no one knew what gluten even was! It definitely helped with my GI symptoms. But since the food was so lifeless and nutrient lacking (at the time), I strayed from the diet, and moved more towards organic foods, green juicing, paleo options, and eating complete grains like Ezekiel bread when I do consume bread products. This has helped me a lot— especially the incorporation of green juicing.

    People can be cruel! But for people like us who depend on whole nutrients, these “hipster” and “fad diets” are truly life saving!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you like the blog and hope you will visit often 😉 Living with any autoimmune disease is hard and I really want to share my experience with others because there are so many people out there that don’t understand how they can be treated. Gluten-free foods are becoming more readily available and they also taste way better than they used to. I’m glad that there are other people out there who understand that we aren’t doing this as part of a “fad” but for our health!

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