Bathroom Crossword Art

guestbath Featured on REMODELAHOLICS ANONYMOUS Weekend Party I was featured on Remodelaholic This was a really fun and easy project that anyone could do (and cheap too!) This is the bathroom on our main floor that my son uses but is also for guests to use.  The first thing I bought for the bathroom was the shower curtain that I had had my eye on for a long time from West Elm.   I loved the simple, wide grey and white stripes.  But after I hung it up in my grey bathroom with grey counter tops I realized there was a little too much grey going on and I needed a punch of color.  So of course I went with aqua 😉 I wanted to do something with words so I found these chipboard letters at Hobby Lobby.  They were on sale and I only paid $1 for each of them.  I got the letters to make the words “wash”, “brush” and “flush”.  A can of spray paint was all I needed to give them a new look. guest bathroom spraypaintguest bathroom letters At first I was just going to put the words on the wall like this, in straight lines (boring…)  But that just didn’t seem very fun.  So after some rearranging I decided to go for the crossword look.  I wish I would’ve thought of it before I bought all the letters since some words share a letter and I could’ve bought 2 less…(oh well)  To hang the letters I just used Command picture hanging strips.  They were easy to use and don’t damage your walls. guest bathroom counter view Hope you like how it turned out! MarKaySig

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