Top 10 Decor Trends 2014

Top 10 Decor Trends 2014

I love Pinterest, browing home decorating magazines and watching HGTV.   I guess you could say it’s my guilty pleasure…  It’s something I always enjoy doing when I have a rare moment of down time.  So with all the time I spend researching and looking for new design trends I thought I would share with you what I’m seeing as the Top 10 Decor Trends of 2014.

1.  Whales

Usually it’s the silhouette of a whale painted onto something, like this:

whale art1

Photo Credit:

Or a whale silhouette cut out of wood like this one:

whale art2


Photo Credit:

They really are just stinkin’ cute.  I think this is a trend that you will probably start seeing a lot more of (like the owl trend the last couple of years)

2.  Beach Decor

I’m seeing this trend EVERYWHERE.  From Pottery Barn and West Elm to Target and everywhere else.  I even walked into a Big Lots! the other day and they had beach decor.  You have to be careful though….with this trend it can go cheesy if you aren’t careful.  Keep it classic and you can’t go wrong.  This is my white planked mantle that I decorated in some beachy decor for the summer.  To see how I put it together check out the post here.


3.  Painted Furniture

This is one of my favorite trends that has been around for a little while and I hope it will keep sticking around.  I love it because you can take any old, ugly piece of furniture and really give it a completely different look.  Chalk paint, spray paint, glaze…there are so many ways that you can transform furniture.

painted furniture 3Photo Credit:

painted furniture2

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And here’s a table that I recently refinished in a herringbone pattern.  See the DIY instructions here.

herringbone table

4.  Marquee Letters

The large decorative letter has now been taken a step further.  Now they’re getting all lit up to look like vintage marquee signs!  These are really cool and I’m hoping I can figure out how to make some for my backyard


Photo Credit: Restoration Hardware


Photo Credit: Tatertots & Jello

5.  Taxidermy

This is also a trend that has been around for a couple of years but doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.  Now this isn’t the kind of taxidermy like Gaston had hanging all over his walls; this is “faux taxidermy” (much more animal friendly 🙂 )  Most commonly they are lacquered in white but lately I’ve been seeing them in all sorts of different colors

taxidermy 2

6.  Metallics

Metallics in furniture and decor are all the rage right now (gold and bronze seem to be the most popular).  Mixing metallics has also started to become a trend where before you would only stick with one kind in a room.  What I love about this trend is it’s so easy to get out your can of spray paint and make anything look glitzy and glamorous.  Check out my post on metallics here.

Metallics Collage

7.  Pineapples

Pineapples are starting to pop-up all over in home decor.  I’m loving the “southern plantation” look of these.  I’ve seen them in everything from a ceramic decoration to a cookie jar.  Here’s one used as a decantur (LOVE this)


Photo Credit:

And here’s one used as a candle holder


Photo Credit:

8.  Dhurries

A dhurrie is a flat-woven rug or carpet that you would see all over India.  Now it’s making it’s way from over-seas and into our homes.  They come in all kinds of colors and patterns and they really are gorgeous

dhurrie rugs

Photo Credit: West Elm

9. Chintz

Now I have to admit, this a trend that I’m finding a hard time embracing but it’s definitely making a come-back.  Chintz are prints that use busy floral textiles (to me it looks a little “grandma”)  But maybe I will be able to embrace my inner chintz soon and figure out a way to incorporate it into my designs… (maybe).  I think if it’s done the right way and you don’t go overboard it can add a bit of femininity and style to a room.

chintz room

Photo Credit: Southern Living

10.  Unique Light Fixtures

I LOVE this trend.  You can make cool light fixtures out of so many different things.  The weirder it is, the cooler it is.   Mason jars, insulators, baskets, buckets… pretty much anything you can think of you can probably make a light fixture out of it.  Here’s some really cool one’s I came across


Photo Credit:

mason jar lights

Photo Credit: ZoeVee Designs

Let me know what you think of these trends and what you’ve used in your own decor 🙂


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Decor Trends 2014

  1. The trends are trends! Things that will stay…painting furniture, unusual lighting , chintz/florals…the Ikat and chevrons have served their purpose….throw some floral in with them and then it feels more like you have brought the outdoors in…I agree too much gets to me…as I see it shabby chic is never going away it just as a different name Cottage! I see the animal heads lined up throughout thrift stores everywhere within a few years…What is being missed is how many are decorating with aqua blues! Also I like the fact that the youth are getting into Primitive Rustic decor, it gives a sense of history/family/reclamation/staying green and honoring those who brought us to now! My own sense of decor is neutral bases and let the accessories tell the color story…keep the hight ticket items neutral and durable and easily slip covered! Now that I have worn you out…loved the pictures, you have a beautiful family and I enjoyed much!

  2. About 10 years ago when we first lived in the No Name apartments, mike and I bought an old solid wood ornate dresser set from DI. I hated the dark brownish green finish so mike suggested we spray paint it. They are navy blue. We’ve continued to use them in every place we’ve lived as dressers, changing tables, TV stands, buffets… People who’ve seen them in the last few years are so pressed that we snagged the set for $50. I have to explain that we did it before it was trendy and that furniture was super easy to come by. Haha.

  3. Such a great breakdown of top decorating trends for today! I have to say…I did not pick up on the pineapple one and I never got into the bright colors! I am definitely a grey and neutral girl. But I love painted furniture and mixing in metallic’s as well.

    Also your chevron table looks fab!

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

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