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This past weekend I finally got to a project that I’ve been wanting to tackle for a long time…I got my master bathroom organized!  So let me explain….  I had seen all these great pictures on Pinterest of these beautiful master bathrooms that looked like they were straight out of a spa.  Crisp, clean and organized (organized being the key word here).  So when we built our home I wanted to recreate that look.  We have white shaker cabinets all throughout our home and I just love how they turned out.  Well when we were designing the master bathroom I wanted to have lots of storage and I wanted to do some open shelving.  It sounds like a good idea, right?  But with open shelving you have to be very careful because, well it’s open.  Everything can be seen!  So I ended up with this:

master bath before

Kind of a mess…..  I have all kinds of products but didn’t have a way to properly store them.  So I did some shopping and I found the perfect solution!  These lovely Cynthia Rowley storage bins that I found at TJ Maxx.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  I was so excited because they were exactly the color I needed and I loved the pattern.  But the best part was the price.  All together it was only $20 for three of them.

bathroom storage bins

They’ve just been sitting on the shelf waiting for me to do something with them so I figured it was about time

master bath decor

Now I finally had a place to put all of those products that were just sitting out before.  Lotions, soaps, fingernail polish, pill bottles, deodorant… who wants to see all that?

Then there was the towel situation.  We had some yucky old towels that were getting pretty worn out and they weren’t even the right colors (they were from a previous bathroom).  So those were out.  I swapped them for grey and aqua instead and also used some of the white one’s that I had from before.  I think the three colors together makes it more fun and interesting to look at.

master bath towel storage

BTW…do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of a bathroom when there’s a huge mirror front and center?  Yeah, it’s kind of tricky…

bathroom vanity

Speaking of mirrors… I love how this mirror turned out!  I got this at TJ Maxx too for $99.  I wanted something that would be big enough to take up the whole space.  I hate those builder-grade mirrors that they stick on walls with those plastic holders.  I wanted something much more substantial.  Only problem was I couldn’t find one that was the right color.  So what do you do?  Spray paint!  (my best friend)

master bath cabinets   master bath mirror

And this little piece is my motto in the bathroom:

master bath decorative box

And of course, no spa-like bathroom would be complete without a big soaking tub to take some nice long bubble baths in 🙂  We had our cabinet guys make a panel for the front of our tub to make it cohesive with the rest of the cabinets.  I love how it turned out!  We also have a shower on the other side of this half wall but it’s nothing special (just a stand-up shower with a curtain) so I think that could be a project for down the road….(I’m picturing subway tile, glass doors, maybe some body sprays? ah….)

master bathtub

I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.  It’s definitely my sanctuary at home 🙂

master bath full view 2


24 thoughts on “a spa-like master bathroom

  1. I love your bathroom. We just bought an older home and I plan on remodeling the bathroom. This is what I’ve been looking for in the way of ideas! I also have to say that it’s not very often I randomly find anyone who lives or knows of St George Utah. I lived there for almost 20 years and just recently moved to Ohio so my husband and I could be closer to our parents.

  2. Beautiful! Saw it posted on Pinterest & had to visit your site. Just what I want to do in our master. Thanks!!

  3. amazing job!!! love it and turned out so clean and beautiful!!! can you tell me where you purchased your tall cabinet from and white sink vanity? Thanks a ton

    1. The cabinets were all custom made when we built the house. I have seen a similar style to them at Ikea if that helps…
      The grey and aqua towels are from Target and the white towels are from Ross

  4. So happy to find this on Pinterest. I would love to know where you were able to find the tub faucet and knobs. I have a similar tub and would love to upgrade.

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