Dawson’s Bedroom Reveal

OH MY WORD…… I’m so glad this room is finally done!

Sporty, Rustic & Industrial Boys Bedroom

It really is one of my favorite rooms that I’ve ever put together.  I love it because it fits my son perfectly.  It’s sporty, has his favorite colors and it also has some very industrial and rustic elements.

There were a lot of different projects that I did in this room so I’ll give you all the details on how I did them.

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This was by far my favorite project.  It turned out awesome!

DIY Pipe Curtain Rod Pin

So here’s what you will need:

1- 3/4 in. 60″ long black iron pipe
2- 3/4 in. 90 degree elbows
2- 3/4 in. floor flanges
Can of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint
Heavy duty screws and wall anchors

pipe parts

I spray painted all the pieces with the Rustoleum spray paint to give it a cohesive look and it worked great!

pipe curtain rod close-up  curtains with pipe rod

Now I will be honest, this wasn’t the cheapest project.  For all the supplies it was $40…BUT it’s just so cool that it was worth it (and it was still WAY cheaper than the West Elm version for $99!)

The curtains are Ikea Merete.  I like to hang my curtains as close to the ceiling as possible to make the room look taller.  These curtains were perfect because they are 98″ long, so they puddle just a little bit (we have 8 ft. ceilings)


hanging pendant light pin

I found this pendant light at Target and fell in love.  I love the industrial look to it.  And of course I HAD to add the Edison bulb.  It looks vintage and awesome!

hanging pendant

After I bought the light fixture I realized that I needed to figure out how I was going to hang it.  I really didn’t want to hang it from the ceiling… so I did some googling on the internet and got inspired by someone’s homemade hanger.  Then a little light bulb went off in my brain and I realized I could do the same idea for much cheaper and so much easier.  I just bought a bracket for a shelf and spray painted it with the same Rustoleum paint I used for the curtain rod.  It worked perfectly!

DIY Rustic Pallet Sign pin DIY pallet sign above bed

I cut 6 pieces of wood from a pallet I had leftover from my beach sign.  I cut the 5 main pieces at just slightly different lengths because I didn’t want it to look perfect. I attached the last piece to the back to hold the rest together.

pallet boards

Then I used the same gel stain that I used on the dresser to stain it and give it a darker tone.

staining pallet sign stained pallet sign

My first thought was to paint a white “T” on it (of course for the Tennessee Vols… and our last name, Thelin) but then I was at Hobby Lobby and saw this cool metal T.  It was also 50% off so it was only $15.  Seriously, how could I pass that up?  So I nailed it to the front and now it looks awesome!

pallet t sign above bed


Rope & Hex Nut Drawer Pulls Pin

For this project you will need some rope, some hex nuts and glue.  I used my crafty secret-weapon E-6000 glue.  This project was literally $8 (not including the glue that I already had.  You could probably also use Gorilla Glue and it would work just as good).  The rope was 25 cents a ft. and I got 16 ft. for $4.  The hex nuts were 23 cents each and I got 16 (2 for each drawer)so roughly $4 for those as well.  You can barely buy 2 knobs for that price and I would’ve needed 8 of them!  So I figured that could compensate for my expensive curtain rod 😉

E-6000 Glue

I did use my drill to make the holes on my drawers a little bit bigger and then bought the hex nuts so they were just slightly larger than the holes.  Then I applied some of my glue to the hex nuts and simply glued them on so they framed the hole.  To make sure that they adhered well I held them on for about 30 seconds each.

Hex Nut Drawer Pulls

For my rope I made sure that each time I cut it I wrapped some duct tape around the end to keep the rope held together and it made it easier to slide through the hole.

Rope Drawer Pulls

Then I simply tied the rope in a knot on the inside of the drawer.

Knotted Rope Drawer Pulls

So easy and I think it’s really unique and cool!

rope hex nut drawer pulls rope hex nut pull up-close dresser makeover  DIY dresser makeover

Now you can see why it took me so long to get this room done… so many projects!  But it was really fun and I am thrilled with how it turned out!  Here’s a few more pictures for you to enjoy!


I had two 16×20 canvases that I wanted to use.  Then my husband pulled out an old Tennessee calendar that he had that had these cool retro prints in them that are actual  covers from game programs.  I glued them on to the canvases and then I used some metal accents on the corners.

DIY canvas art Rusty Gear Rustic Sports Shelf boys bed and dresser boys room bed shot

I hope you have enjoyed this rather long post.. but I hope that it’s inspired you in some way.  Be creative, be daring and don’t be afraid to try some new things!  You can usually make something pretty cool.





19 thoughts on “Dawson’s Bedroom Reveal

  1. I love the colors! You did so many fun projects! I love them all … the drawer pulls, ‘T’ artwork, and the curtain rod! Wow! I have always wondered … when you make a curtain rod like that … is there an easy way to take the curtains down to wash?! Oh … and the lamp! So perfect!

    1. To answer your question Jayleen- no. That is one drawback to doing this style of curtain rod. You would have to unscrew the curtain rod from the wall to be able to take the curtain down to wash it. Hopefully my son can keep it clean!

      1. If you made a tabbed valance or something that would come apart then you could take them off. Otherwise it’s nothing the vacuum can’t handle! 🙂
        I love this idea! I came here off Pinterest and I think I’m gonna have my hubby make these curtain rods for my soon to be 10 yr old! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I really love this! We are redoing our twelve-year-old son’s bedroom this summer before middle school and he has requested smoky grey and orange as we are also Vols fans! This gave me soooo many great ideas, thank you!

  3. I know this is an old post, but can you tell me how you got the hanging pendant light to ‘stay’ without having the cord kind of lag from one side to another? I recently bought a couple of these exact lights at a close out store and I love your idea to hang them on a bracket….so I got a metal bracket, just like the one in the picture, but I can’t get my light to stabilize – what am I doing wrong??? 🙂

  4. I love the room. My 5 year old son loves sports and his favorite color is orange. My 10 year olds favorite color is lime green. I want to do both of their rooms in the gray and then add the strip of their favorite color. What was the color gray that you used?
    Thank you for posting. It looks great.

  5. This room is so cute! How does the lamp turn on and off? If it’s a pendant lamp, did you make it to where it could plug into a wall outlet?

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