Dawson’s bedroom redo {part 2}

Phew!  What a crazy weekend!  I finished painting Dawson’s room, stained his furniture, hung shelves and organized all of his junk…. but there were a few set backs along the way and we had an unexpected visitor drop by  (I’ll post some pictures….SO GROSS!!)

After all the grey paint had dried, I started taping off the room for the orange stripe.  I measured up 5 ft from the floor and then did an 18″ stripe all the way around the room.   To get the cleanest line possible, I first painted along the edge of the tape in the same color as the wall.  This seals the edge and will give you the cleanest line.dawson room painting stripes

Here’s the part I didn’t like too much….I bought this orange paint from Lowe’s to do the stripe and it’s hard to tell in this picture but it was awful!  Somehow it wasn’t mixed right and the consistency was really thin and see through.  So….painting was on hold for another day until I could get some more paint!

dawson room paint mess

After a visit to the hardware store in our little town I was happy to get some new orange paint that actually worked!

painting wall stripe

Then I headed to the garage to stain the furniture.  But just as I walked out my garage door an unexpected visitor decided to stop by….

unexpected visitor

A freaking snake!!! I HATE snakes!  And then it decided to slither under the fridge in our garage and got tangled up in all the wiring.  So my brave dad and husband took the fridge apart and were finally able to get it out.

Here’s my hubby thinking he’s the Turtle Man… He was pretty brave though to pick that thing up!

snake wrangler

So after my blood pressure went down a little and my heart rate went back to normal (and a thorough inspection was done of my garage) I picked up where I had left off.

First, let me just say that this stuff is my new best friend 🙂

gel stain

If you haven’t tried using a gel stain before than you don’t know what you’re missing out on!  This stuff was awesome and was so easy to apply.  I first worked on a smaller dresser that I was going to use as a nightstand.  It already had a finish on it so I had to sand that all off first and then I just started wiping the stain on with a rag.  It was so easy.  I used a dark walnut color.

staining dresser 1

Then it was on to this beast…..I picked this dresser up for free from someone in my area that was getting rid of it.  It was in pretty bad shape…but it was solid wood and sturdy.  I took off all the hardware and stickers  and then I started sanding.  I had to use 60 grit sandpaper and it probably took me a good hour to sand this whole thing.  You can see on the drawers that there were some circles (not sure what from…) that were actually grooved into the wood.  So it took me a long time to get those all smoothed out.

ugly free dresser before

And then I started staining it.  Because I had sanded it so much it really took the color well and gave it a deep dark stain.  Now I know in the future that sanding is the key before staining.  I probably should have sanded the first dresser more to get more of the finish off, but oh well…now I know for the next time.

staining ugly dresser ugly dresser makeover

And here’s what the dresser looked like after.  Such an improvement!  There were a few parts that went darker because I sanded them more so I’m just going to stain a little more around those to even it out.  But it’s amazing what a little sanding and some stain can do!

dawson dresser

Here’s a little sneak peak of what it’s looking like so far…

dawsons room redo 1

I have just a few more finishing touches to add.  I had an idea for the handles on the dresser and then I will be getting some curtains and doing a cool piece of art above the bed.  So far, I’m loving it! And so is Dawson 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dawson’s bedroom redo {part 2}

  1. I just discovered your blog and I love it! I’ve already gotten some great ideas! Your son’s room is really turning out great. Thanks so much!

  2. I love this site!!! It helps me know that I can do things like this, and create. Thank you so much!! I really love the orange against the gray. Yes, my wheels are turning in my head…. keep ’em coming 😀

  3. I started searching on Pinterest for ideas to decorate Devons gym for his bday and found this fabulous design! To my surprise….look at who created it! Go VOLS!

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