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So this has been a project that has been on my to-do list for a long time and I’m so glad that I finally got to it!  When we built our home and moved in almost a year ago there was this corner area off the kitchen that just needed something.  I have always wanted a desk area near my kitchen so my family could be on the computer or doing homework and we could all be by each other.  It’s turned out to be a great space that I love!  We had white shaker style cabinets in our kitchen so I had the desk installed using the same cabinetry.  So far it’s just kind of been sitting here without anything going on so I FINALLY got it all put together!  It looks great and is so functional for our family!


You can see here that I have a magazine file that has a place for each family member (Ikea Kvissle), dry erase calendar (a MUST if you have kids with crazy schedules), mail sorter, computer, DIY message board (click here for project info), floating shelf and of course a little accessorizing with my gold banded vase (click here for the how-to)



I love these bookends that I found at my favorite local store Passport Furnishings (I may have bought the shelf just so I had somewhere to display them….)


One of my favorite parts of this space was the simple wall art that I created using clipboards.  I found some great chalkboard prints and all I had to do was print them, place them in the clipboard and hang it on the wall.  SO EASY and so cute! (click here, here and here)


I also purchased this Martha Stewart wall manager system from Staples.  So handy.  You can mix and match the different boards and put them together any way you choose.  I got a bulletin board, dry erase board and 2 accessory boards.  These are really cool because you can slide different accessories onto them (I think I could stand to lose a few pens…what do you think?)


I wanted to show you a picture of the shaker cabinets that we used as the base for our desk and match our kitchen cabinets.  They have such a clean, modern look.  Each cabinet has 2 drawers with hanging file folders so I have plenty of space  to organize all of my papers.  There’s also a smaller drawer in the center for odds and ends.

CommandCenterShakerCabinets CommandCenterFullView1All in all I love how this space turned out.  It’s a place that everyone in our family can use and it keeps us organized and on task.  I hope this can give some inspiration to any of you who want to create your own family command center 🙂


35 thoughts on “How to create a {family command center}

  1. I LOVE this MarKay! Such a cute, neat space! I need something like this. You are so talented! I love looking and following all your projects:)

      1. I would love to know the measurements of your desk. I’m trying to fit a desk in a new space and thinking a corner desk would work best, but don’t have a lot of room.
        Thank you!

      2. Markay, your link didn’t work in Pinterest. I would LOVE to be able to make or find this desk. Can you help please?

  2. Love your command center. This my first time to yojr site, found you on Pinterest.

    I have recommendation that I found is must have with a family of 8 that is free & always with you, unlike the calendar on the wall (though I usually print each month & hang on the fridge as well)…. The Cozi calendar. Each family member has their own color and is easy to see each day at a glance.

  3. Is the Marthat Stewart wall manager products still sold at Staples? I tried looking on the Staples website but couldn’t find it there?

  4. I am in love with your desk! Did you build it since it matches your kitchen? How did you do it? I am trying so hard to find w white desk, and can’t come up with anything I love! Please help me!!!

  5. You said above that the desk drawers are the same as the kitchen cabinets. Im trying to do the same thing but kitchen cabinets are 34in high. Dont you find that to high for a desk?

  6. What products did you use for the desk? I didn’t see the links there & did you make it or buy the desk as is & from where?

  7. HI, I love this command center. Can you tell me the dimensions used for the desk? I assume this was custom made. I have a small corner and would like to do the same but not sure I have space.

  8. Would it be possible for you to provide me with the measurements of your desk? We have a nearly identical space that we’re trying to fill with a custom-made desk. But, ours just feels so squatty when we measure it out with masking tape on the floor!

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