{Hydrangea Wreath}

hydrangea wreath

 This is the wreath I made for my mom for Mother’s Day.  She loves the color purple and hydrangeas so I thought this would be perfect.  I was in such a hurry to put this together (we went out of town this weekend) that I forgot to take pictures while I was putting it together!  But here’s how I did it…

I bought a 12 inch chipboard wreath form from Hobby Lobby 1/2 off for only $2.  I love the BIG hydrangeas and got these at Michaels (also 1/2 off – about $4 a piece).  I cut the flowers off of the stems and there was still bit of stem left…so I decided instead of hot gluing them I would drill holes through the form to stick them in and then also hot glued inside the hole to hold them in place.  Then I hot glued some of the leaves between the hydrangeas.  To top it off I just bought some matching purple ribbon to hang it with.  Simple and beautiful 🙂


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