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In case you didn’t know, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Today is our semi-annual General Conference.  Talks will be given by leaders of our church that will uplift and feed your soul.  I invite you all to join me in listening to their words like this quote from our prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  #ldsconf

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Forgive me, friends.  I know it’s been too long since I’ve posted on here.  What can I say?  Life got crazy!  I hope to be able to find time to post now and then but for now I will leave you with this…

ダウンライト XNDN2068PWLE9 パナソニック LED(白色)

Have a lovely day

DIANE von FURSTENBERG / ダイアン フォン ファステンバーグ【レディース】 【ワンピース】【サイズ:2(M位)】【中古】 【送料無料】

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アレックスマリー レディース トップス ニット・セーター【Alex Marie Harper Turtleneck Pullover】Navy After I had traced it on a good friend helped me to cut it out with his jigsaw.  He put some tape on the line as he cut to help keep the wood from chipping.

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抽象模様織り出し名古屋帯【リサイクル】【中古】 p style="text-align: left;">KURI-ORI★クリオリW69丈42 スリーシーズンスカートKR352 ピンクチェック制服プリーツスカート【日本製】【送料無料】

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Traditional Weatherwear / トラディショナルウェザーウェア ダブルジップスウェットパーカー SWEAT PARKA グレー

Fall is in the air!  While it’s not my favorite time of year (I’m more of a spring girl) I still love a lot of things about fall.  One of the things I love is when the leaves start changing and all the beautiful colors come out.  I wanted to bring some of those colors into a fall flower arrangement and of course I had to mix in some aqua (who says you can’t have aqua in the fall?)

So everything I used I found at JoAnn’s and Michaels.  They’re pretty much the only craft stores in my area anyway.  The jars and the wooden basket thing (I don’t know what to call it) I got at JoAnn’s.  The basket was normally .99 but I used a 40% off coupon for it and the jars were each.  I used cream colored spray paint to paint all the jars first.

ジャンポールゴルチエ クラシックJean Paul GAULTIER CLASSIQUE ウールギャバラップスカート ワインレッド40【中古】

Then to make a stencil I used my Cricut machine to cut out the letters for the word “FALL”

ヨーガンレールJURGEN LEHL シルクコットン玉虫ラップスカート キャメルM【中古】

I got this great aqua colored paint from Michaels (Martha Stewart brand) and stenciled the letters on to each jar.

GLAMOROUS グラマラス レディース SWEATERS AND SWEATSH 送料無料 Pink Sweater

Then after all the paint had dried I just used a nail file to rub off some of the paint off and give it a distressed look.


The flowers I bought were from Michaels and I will be honest- they were not cheap.  I did use a coupon but it didn’t save me a ton.  I still paid around for the flowers.  Too bad they weren’t on sale!

The jars fit perfectly inside of my basket but I realized after I put them inside that the basket was too deep and was cutting off the bottom of the letters.  So I got some burlap that I folded up and put underneath the jars so it would raise the jars up.  In the end I’m really happy with how pretty it turned out and I will be using it to decorate my fall mantle….stay tuned for the post!

Giesswein レディース スリッパ 靴 送料無料 Plum Vent

ビラボン レディース パーカ&スウェット アウター Billabong First Glance Sweater Ash Rose

This is really kind of a review of a couple of different recipes put into one to make the burrito bowls (ok…it’s really more of a plate)
7 For All Mankind セブンフォーオールマンカインド レディース用 Straight-Leg Jean in Black (Black)【送料無料】【代引不可】【あす楽不可】【05P20Aug16】【0818】 THEATRE PRODUCTS シアタープロダクツ 14AW メンズウェアプリント ワンピース 【中古】

After making the pork and cucumber salsa here’s the other toppings we used:
white rice with cilantro
black beans
sour cream
green onion

the jetset ジェットセット diaries ダイアリーズ shale maxi マキシ dress ドレス ワンピース レディースファッション

Isn’t this a pretty plate?

オリジナルデザイン レディース 中綿コート エスニック系 フード付き 刺繍入り Aライン 中綿コート(厚手/大きいサイズあり)

So what did the family think?  The score averaged 9.5!  The kids loved it.  The only complaint my daughter had was she thought the pork was maybe a little too sweet.  I happened to like the sweetness that it added.  This was a great family meal and the best part…there was a ton leftover for tomorrow night!

ゲッティン バック トゥ スクエア ワン レディース トップス【One Shoulder Top GETTINGBACKTOSQUAREONE】Vino

Sartoria Ring / サルトリア リング【レディース】 【ワンピース】【サイズ:40/40(M位/M位)】【中古】 【送料無料】

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I will be the first to admit that laundry is not my favorite thing to do.  One reason is because it feels like it never ends!  There’s always going to be laundry to do, so my philosophy is why not try to make the best of it by making a space that’s organized, functional and aesthetically pleasing?

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HARRIS WHARF LONDON レディース DRESSES 送料無料 Red Short dress

ONeill メンズ パーカー スウェット 送料無料 Navy Mariner Full Zip Hoodie

I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive at first to take on this project.  I thought it would be much harder than it really was but believe me, it was so EASY!  If you can sew a straight line than you can make this.

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