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{Recliner Makeover}

By featured DIYer, Shauna Jones


I have an amazing DIYer friend named Shauna Jones.  She does some of the most incredible projects and so I wanted to share them with all of you!  She’s one of those girls that’s not afraid to get her hands dirty or to take on a project by herself- and she does a great job!  Her blog is Jones Inc.  Go check it out!

One of Shauna’s recent projects was recovering her recliner.  Now that’s quite the project to tackle!  She had this old recliner that she had used forever and had so much sentimental value that she just couldn’t get rid of it.  She had never taken on a project like this so she used online tutorials as her guide and then as she took her recliner apart she used the old pieces as her templates for her new ones.  Now that’s genius!

I love how it turned out and now she gets to keep this piece of furniture that has meant so much to her over the years – just by breathing some new life into it!