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{Recipe Review} Grilled Caprese Chicken


So I wish I was kitchen savvy enough that I could come up with my own delicious recipes….but since I’m not I will just share the best ones that I’ve made from Pinterest that are share-worthy.


This recipe had me at Caprese.  I love ANYTHING with mozzarella, tomato and basil.  Such a beautiful combination… It’s a great meal for a summer day to put on the grill and maybe grab some fresh tomato and basil from the garden.  YUM.  It’s also a beautiful dish and looks more complex than it really is to make.

Here’s what my family rated it: 9,9,10,7 for an average of 8.75 (my daughter didn’t like the balsamic vinegar it uses)

You can find the full recipe on Kim’s Healthy Eats

Bon Appetit!