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Going gluten-free {update}

It’s now been over 3 months since I started a gluten-free diet and I’m still feeling great!  My energy levels are still way better than they used to be and I’ve lost 20 pounds :)  I should also add that I have also been exercising every day and also trying to cut out sugar.  I think all of these things combined are helping me to live a healthier life and I really just feel tons better.

But on another note, I wanted to share will all of you an experience I had the other day.  My husband and I had gone out to dinner with some friends to a hibachi restaurant.  I simply asked the waitress there what they had that was gluten-free.  She just looked at me and said “nothing” (which wasn’t true..they had chicken, steak, salmon, vegetables and rice.  Last time I checked these things were all gluten-free?) So I said “is that because you use soy sauce on everything?”  She just looked at me kind of puzzled.  I told her that soy sauce had gluten in it and her reply was “yeah, well I don’t know but I just know that all our food has gluten.  So many people are on this gluten-free “fad diet”  Continue reading Going gluten-free {update}

{gluten-free} *UPDATE*

Ok… so I have had a lot of questions lately about the first post I did on going gluten-free.  “Why did you decide to do it?”  “How hard is it?”   “What do you eat?”  “Is it worth it?”  “Do you feel better?”  “Do you think I could do it?”  So I decided that I would give you all a little update on how it’s going and answer some of your questions

Continue reading {gluten-free} *UPDATE*

{Going Gluten-Free}


Why I decided to make the change

glutenfree2So while this website is mostly about interior design and DIY projects, I also want to share other parts of my life too (family life, recipes, fashion etc.) One part of my life that I am dealing with is my Hashimoto’s Disease.  Hashimoto’s Disease is an auto-immune disease that attacks the thyroid gland.  I was diagnosed with low thyroid when I was 18 but it wasn’t until recently that I realized what was causing it.  Hashimoto’s is not something that can be cured.  It’s just something that I will have to deal with the rest of my life and try to control through diet, exercise and medicine.

I had been feeling pretty tired and run down (a common symptom) and so I decided to make a change.  I studied up on Hashimoto’s and learned that a lot of people change their diet and they can feel tons better.  So I decided through all my reading that I wanted to try going gluten-free.  It’s been a month now and I can definitely tell a difference.  My energy levels are getting better everyday.  I don’t feel so tired and run-down all the time.  I’ve also lost 9 lbs!  (A huge plus!) I have also been exercising every morning and it really gives me a boost of energy.  Don’t get me wrong…it’s definitely not easy!  Some days I just want to give up.  Some days I crave a piece of bread or a bowl of pasta…but I have to keep in mind the goal I have to feel better and just stay strong and stay positive!

There are tons of products on the market now that are gluten-free.  You can even find them at Walmart- pasta, bread, chips, crackers, cereal- lots of things.  Lots of restaurants now even offer gluten-free dishes or even have separate gluten-free menus.

If gluten-free is something that you have thought about doing then you should definitely look into it and give it a try.  If I can do it, then anyone can do it!