DIY Pillows

How fun are these?  What I love about mixing all of these pillows together is all of their different patterns and designs.  There really are no rules to it…you can mix and match whatever you like!  I’ll show you step-by-step how I made these pillows and they also cost a lot less than designer pillows you buy at the store :)

I started by going to a few different fabric stores.  I don’t know about you but I feel like a kid in a candy store when I’m looking at fabric!  I could probably stay there all day..

The first thing I needed to find were my pillow forms.  I was in heaven when I went to JoAnn’s and found some 16×16 pillows that were on sale for $4.97 each (SCORE!!!)  I needed 10 pillows so this definitely helped the budget.

Then I went searching for my fabric.  I found 4 different prints that I loved:

4 pillow styles

Aqua: “Birch Farm” by Joel Dewberry
Gold Chevron: “Sleek Chevron” by Michael Miller
Floral Print: “Fashion Plate” by Barbara Jones
Yellow Print: no name??… by The Robert Allen Group

The great thing was that all of these fabrics were on sale for $10 or less per yd. and I only needed 1 yd. of each fabric to make 2 pillows (except the yellow print.. I got 2 yds to do 4 pillows) So each pillow cost me roughly $10.

Once I had all my fabric cut to the size I needed (18″x36″) I was ready to start sewing.

pillow fabric

The first step is to fold the fabric in half (right sides together) and sew a straight line up each side (about a 1/2 in seam). I always pin the fabric to hold it in place.

sewing pillow sides

After both sides were sewn, then I folded over and ironed the opening edge an inch all the way around. All the seams will be hidden when you flip the pillow cover inside-out, but this edge is the only one that will show.

bottom pillow hem

Then I flipped the pillow cover inside-out so the right side of the fabric was showing. Then you can slip your pillow in and pin the opening together and sew.

sewing pillow bottom

To finish all 10 pillows took me about 4 hours.  I promise that even if you are a beginner sewer that this is a simple project that you can do.

all pillows

I love how these all turned out!

flowers and pillows

And they look great in my family room!!

family room pillows

Thanks for stopping by :)


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  1. Thank you for your easy instructions on how to do this. I think even I could do this. You have such a good eye for fabrics and how everything works together.

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